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GTA V Mythbusters: #2Airplane Wrecks

The player will be able to find a crashed Jet airplane off the coast of Paleto Bay, just north of The Peninsula. The Jet's main body and fuselage are largely broken apart, and the wings have disattached from the main body. Overall, there is a very large debris field resulting from this crash. The Jet itself bears the FlyUS livery, and it doesn't seem to have many coral parts or seaweed accumulated around it, suggesting that the airplane crashed very recently. The crashed airplane is never mentioned or referenced in any way in the game's storyline, however some collectible submarine parts can be found strewn amongst the wreckage.

Another sunken Jet airplane can be found east of the Port of Los Santos and south of the Murrieta Oil Field. Unlike the other crashed airplane, this one bears no livery on its body. The Jet's fuselage is torn and broken apart in several places. The remains of the airplane have accumulated modest amounts of seaweed and coral, suggesting that the airplane wreckage has been laying there for a long time.
After the mission Minor Turbulence, the wreckage of the Cargo Plane that was ditched by Trevor can be found at the bottom of the Alamo Sea. Various weapons and some body armor may respawn here periodically.

Another wrecked Cargo Plane can be found underwater off the western coast of the Zancudo Air Force Base. The airplane wreckage seems to be aligned with the air base's runway, implying that the airplane crashed either after takeoff or before landing at the base. The airplane's main fuselage is resting at the edge of a large underwater ridge, and its frontal fuselage is torn off and resting at the bottom of the ridge.
The wreck of a Duster can be found underwater east of Heart Attacks Beach, near Mount Gordo. The wreck is hard to identify because it looks like a rock formation. The wrecked airplane can be found sitting almost vertically into the seabed, and its body is very rusted and corroded.
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