Monday, December 29, 2014

GTA FIVE(V) secret car locations

GTA 5 includes a huge assortment of Vehicles loosely based on real-world cars, planes, boats and more. There are a total of 257 vehicles divided into a total of 21 different types. Some cars are hide on the map so,let's find them.
1. Inferus(440.000$) location:

GTA FIVE(V) secret places

Here are some secret places on Grand Theft Auto Five(V) map.

1. This map contains all locations for all collectibles:

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars Updated for iOS and Now Available for Android and Amazon Devices

Rockstar  announced that was updated for iOS and for first time ever is available for Android and Amazon users as well.

"This updated version features new highly customizable touchscreen controls, physical controller support, plus high resolution widescreen display on supported devices, as well as full Retina Display resolution on iOS. 
Chinatown Wars works universally across all your supported phones, tablets and devices, including the Google Nexus Player and Amazon Fire TV.  We’ve also upgraded all our original iOS versions with the same universal capability, so everyone can enjoy the update regardless of which version they originally purchased"

Free seasonal Christmas gear and masks

Last week,Rockstar announced that new seasonal Christmas gear and masks are available for GTA Online for free until January 5th.

"Add some merriment to your mayhem with a slew of holiday pajamas, ‘ugly’ Christmas sweaters, new scarves, hats, masks and more are now all available absolutely free to add to your inventory and wear now through Monday January 5th."

GTA Online: Heists-Trailer and Release Date

GTA Online Heists are coming early in 2015. Check out the new trailer for the four-player co-op mode for Grand Theft Auto Online that allows players to plan, prepare and execute multi-tiered Heists across Los Santos and Blaine County. These will require tight communication and coordination, with players taking on specified roles at each point to accomplish multiple objectives on the way to each Heist’s epic finale. Featuring new gameplay, new vehicles, new weapons, new clothing and much more.
Head over to IGN for an in-depth interview that details exactly how Heists will work… and why they’ve taken a little more time than originally expected.



"Festive Surprise" New update for GTA Online

On 23 december,was released the new update for GTA Online. Players who’d like to get into the holiday spirit can grab some new items and participate in new Christmas themed activities within the “Festive Surprise".