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'GTA V Heist' DLC release date update, locations revealed

Although the promised new DLC for "Grand Theft Auto V" was not delivered by the end of 2014, "GTA" fans should still not lose hope as one of the voice talents claimed that Rockstar Games is indeed working on the expansion pack.
Shawn Fonteno, the voice actor who portrayed the role of Franklin in the game, mentioned during an interview that the game developers of "Grand Theft Auto V" are currently working on the DLC, and they are planning to release it sometime soon.

Meanwhile, rumors claim that the failed Christmas release of the "Heist" DLC will still push through but on a different date. According to reports, the development of the expansion pack is already in its final phase, and the new release date will coincide with the release of the PC edition of "GTA V." The leaked reports came from a "GTA V" tipster named nillxforums, who released the information online.
On related news, prolific YouTube tipster DomisLive a.k.a. Dom also released several details about the locations of the "Heist" DLC for "GTA Online." Some of the leaked details include game codes for "GTA V Online," such as:
  • IS_HEIST_BANK_RENDERED - This is the source code for the game to come up with the interior of files that are needed for a Heist bank mission that will be held near the Rockford Hills.
  • LOCATE_NEAREST_REDNER_POINT - This source code points to the "Render Point" for AI spawning during an ongoing Heist mission.
  • IS_CLIENT_SIDED_CONTEXT - This allows the players to check on the client that connected the game with other players.
Aside from the leaked details, there are also other features pertaining to the alleged development of the "GTA V Heist" Planning Room, including:
  • .rdata:401928AA 0000004 HST BOARD_HEIST_PLANNING - This is the function to use the planning board to start planning a Crew Heist mission.
  • .rdata:794837R4 00000002 HST TURN_PRINTER_ON_OFF - This is the function to use the printer to print a planning sheet which is stored in your file cabinet.
  • .rdata:102947C4 0000001 HST PRINTER_HEIST_PLAN_SC_CREW- This is the function to send the planning sheet via email on your phone to the rest of your selected Social Club Crew.
  • .rdata:284756DX 0000002 HST SHOW_BOARD_OUTLINE - Some rendering functions to render the sketch outline of the board textures.
  • .rdata:193846F4 00000007 HST HIDE_BOARD_TEXTURE - This is the function to hide the planning board during currently unknown situations, most likely to be set via variables in Tunables.
  • .rdata:685747X4 0000008 HST ALLOW_EMAIL_IFRUIT_APP - This is the function of a new feature coming to the iFruit app on smartphones etc.You can send Heist-related emails virtually through the app.
The "GTA V Heist" DLC is expected to be released together with the "GTA V" PC edition, which will roll out on Jan. 27.

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